General Motors Adds Chatgpt Technology To Car Software

“ChatGPT is going to be in everything,” says General Motors Co. vice president Scott Miller. 

ChatGPT – the AI conversational tool is going beyond social media engagement and smartphone use, as General Motors Co. (GM), adds chatGPT technology to car software design. 

General Motors Co. is an American-based multinational automotive firm, and was the largest automobile manufacturing company from 1931 to 2008 before it lost rank to Toyota automobile company. 

In 2021, GM collaborated with Microsoft Corporation (an expert in software and application development) to fast-track the use of autonomous vehicles. 

Also, Microsoft had earlier announced its multibillion-dollar investment deal with OpenAI, developer of ChatGPT, with the aim of adding chatty features to future cars. 

The AI conversational tool provides access to the vehicle’s details and program functions found in the manufacturer’s manual guide. The tool would also guide drivers on how to make schedules from the calendar as well as aid in using the garage door code since it has a wide range of programming capabilities. 

A few weeks ago, other automobile firms announced their partnership with giant tech companies to upgrade car technology. For instance, Mercedes-Benz partnered with Google  to provide sufficient AI and data in cars, so as to enhance sustainability efforts and improve autonomous driving. 

General Motors Co. is adding even more, from infotainment to rechargeable Operating System vehicles with virtual AI driving assistants by exploring the use of chatGPT technology. 

When the AI system was asked how it could upgrade automobiles, the AI model claimed to embed the following features in vehicles; 

Navigation: The AI chatGPT system would provide drivers with alternative routes to navigate through, by providing real-time traffic updates and weather forecasts. 

Safety: The language model claims to help drivers identify potential hazards by giving notifications on safe driving practices, as it would also offer advice on how to stay alert and focused while driving. 

Maintenance and improved efficiency: The AI chatGPT tool would aid in keeping vehicles in good condition by giving real-time information on the oil and tyre condition, as well as notifying drivers of other routine maintenance tasks. The AI tool would also provide useful tips on potential gas-saving and eco-driving features to save fuel and money. 

Internet enablement: Vehicles would be enabled to connect to the internet, providing a range of features but also promising that safety will not be compromised. The feature will aid drivers in receiving the latest updates on car technologies. 

It seems that future cars would be much more than a mere transportation system; it is going to be a sophisticated technology. Do you suggest that the development in technology would lower the quality of driving? 

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