Technologies Adopted At The 2022 Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth is a union of all British colonized nations in the world that consists of 54 countries with a general population of over 3 billion people. 

A Commonwealth Games is an international competition held every four years in which athletes from all Commonwealth nations compete in various sporting events ranging from track and field to Paraplegic Games.

The first commonwealth games were held in Hamilton, Canada, in 1930, and the just concluded competition was held this year in Birmingham, United Kingdom. 

Since these games accommodate millions of athletes, press, and spectators, there is a great expectation for excellence in all aspects. 

The easiest way to achieve excellence is through improving past procedures with new technologies. 

This year’s Commonwealth Games that were held in Birmingham took more than 100 professionals from the Commonwealth Federation in London about four years to come up with the security strategies that were put in place for the games. 

Drones are more likely to be used by terrorists to cause havoc during the games, so there have been drone flying restrictions for civilians around the areas. 

The only drones allowed to fly are those that will be used for filming and capturing during the event. 

A new security system was designed by Communications Design and Management in partnership with professional security consulting companies. 

The system also incorporated older systems’ features to build a more formidable security system and ensure absolute safety during the games. 

The cameras used were the Vislink 5G wireless technology cameras with sharp shots and a high-resolution color gradient. 

Commonwealth accredited drones were connected to these cameras to take an aerial view of the games and stadium. 

Rebadged security was in charge of providing intensive and incident response CCTV cameras. 

The end result of all these adopted systems and technologies was the successful completion of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, with great anticipation for the next one that will be held in 2026 in Victoria, Australia.

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Photo by Mike Gouline

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