Reddit to Start Paying Users for Popular Posts

Well-known social networking site Reddit is introducing a new initiative to pay users for viral articles. The social media platform unveiled its plan to compensate its top contributors with cash, splitting its revenue between users awarded gold by other users who pay a fee.
Users can profit from the gold medals others give them through the “Contributor Revenue Sharing” program.

Reddit introduced the Contributor Revenue Sharing scheme in the US, but it will also be available in other nations. According to the business, the program is a means to recognize and reward its finest writers and motivate them to keep producing excellent material.

Users wishing to participate in the Contributor Revenue Sharing program must be at least 18 years old and citizens of one of the participating nations. Additionally, a functioning PayPal account is required.

Users can buy and offer virtual gold awards to others to express gratitude for their posts or remarks. Users who win gold awards will now receive a share of the sales from those awards, which
have a price range of $1.99 to $49.

The price of the award and the user’s karma score are just two variables that affect how much money users get for each gold award. Karma is a gauge of a user’s Reddit activity and the popularity of their posts and comments.

Users only need to post or comment on Reddit to receive gold rewards. They will share in the profits from any gold awards given to them by other users.

This move marks a turn-around for Reddit since it has faced severe backlash throughout the year when much of the platform became inaccessible due to protests against its senior management. Ultimately, the majority of groups and media returned.

Are you ready to share popular posts on Reddit and get paid for them, or is the concept still strange to you?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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