Meta Announce New AI Chatbot

Meta, the owner of mainstream social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has announced a team of AI chatbots known as Meta AI. Thanks to its Expressive Media Universe, it has a dozen capabilities to generate photorealistic images and stickers. These features are just the beginning, as meta-AI comes with different personalities and areas of expertise.

Over a dozen various Gen AI Persona chatbots, such as a “sports brain.”
and an “overly inquisitive” character will be unveiled by Meta. On
Meta’s chatbot platforms will have individual profiles, allowing people to communicate with them.

To that effect, Meta announced 28 AI chatbots with different personalities, some based on celebrities like Mr. Beast as the funny guy named Zach, Isreal Adesanya as Luiz, an MMA maestro, Kendall Jenner as the big sister called Billie, and there is even an option to play games with Snoop Dog as the Dungeon Master.

The move is a change in approach for the social media giant, which is looking to increase engagement, especially with young users, and tap into the capabilities of new generative AI technology.

A similar chatbot, created for regular users, characters have been tested by Meta on Instagram. On the other hand, the new Gen AI Personas chatbots are made to entertain users and may have abilities like help with coding.

The introduction of Gen AI Personas is a component of Meta’s larger artificial intelligence initiative. The business is investing significantly in AI research and development because it thinks AI will impact the metaverse’s future.

Another possible feature is that by using Meta’s AI studio, creators can build AI to represent themselves and their brands.

The announcement came during the annual Meta Connect conference held on the 28th of September. They also announced the Quest 3 headset and the Ray-Ban glasses to be released in October.

What do you think of meta-AI? Do you like the fun of being able to communicate with an AI version of your favorite celebrities?

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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