How To Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

Mobile phones are like humans’ best friends because we can perform many activities simultaneously with them. What makes it more enjoyable is how long your phone’s battery can last. 

These few tips will help you extend the life of your phone’s battery. 

Tip 1 

Use power-saving mode

Power saving modes are not only helpful when your battery is low; they can also be used when it’s charged. These modes have embedded software that helps them alter the phone settings and minimize any applications or settings that drain your battery. 

Tip 2 

Don’t let your phone charge run out

It is vital that you don’t let your phone discharge completely before you plug it in to charge. This action adds up to the wear and tear that the battery undergoes after a period of time that usually results in the reduction of your phone’s battery lifespan. 

Tip 3 

Use airplane mode 

When you want to put your phone to sleep or perform a task without interruption, it is preferable to use airplane mode because your phone is still connected to previous networks and tasks when it is in sleep mode without airplane mode. 

Tip 4 

Wisely use WiFi 

Anytime WiFi is on but not connected, your phone wastes energy searching for nearby connections. Although WiFi is a great way to reduce mobile data expenses, always ensure that you put it on only when necessary. 

Tip 5 

Use simple wallpapers 

Customizable and motion lock screens can be fancy and make your phone look good. Still, the downside is that they tend to drain a lot of battery, so it is better to use simple and static wallpapers. 

Tip 6 

Reduce screen brightness

Your screen works more than any part of your phone, so it is advisable always to lower the brightness to reduce the amount of charge it uses. Auto brightness is convenient, but it is better if you push the brightness a little lower, especially when you are indoors. 

Tip 7 

Spend less time on videos and games

Since you now know that your screen drains most of your battery, it is advisable to cut down on your video and gaming time. 

Tip 8 

Curb background data 

It’s pretty amazing how our phones can keep a tab or notification visible for a long time, but if you want to increase your battery life, make sure you properly exit an app or notification when you don’t need it anymore. 

Tip 9 

Turn off app auto-update

Yes, you might want the latest app versions on your phone, but the question is, do you really need them? 

Application owners tend to release new upgrades to their apps almost every month, and if your phone continues to auto-update, this will constantly drain your battery, so disable auto update and manually update any app you want to. 

Tip 10 

When your phone is fully charged, unplug it. Just as leaving your battery to run out affects the battery, so does overcharging. Make sure you unplug it immediately after you see that the battery is 100% 

Do you have any other effective tips that you use for extending your phone’s battery life? 

Let us know in the comment section so that we can try them out. 

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Photo By Sten Ritterfeld

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