Latest AI Video Editing Platforms

We live in a day and age where people consume so much video content online from social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and even ads.

The quality of your video will determine the kind of audience you attract. With the help of AI, you do not need a video editing professional to help you create quality videos; you can do it on your own.

Here are 5 AI-enabled video editing platforms that can help you create mind-blowing videos:


    This platform allows you to create talking-head videos with avatars from text. It is an excellent method to convert uninteresting documents like PDFs into exciting videos for training, marketing, or presentation purposes. Creating videos with it is similar to making slides, bringing your text content to life with the numerous AI and animation tools available. Another feature of Synthesia is that you can create your personalized avatar using your picture for videos.


    This online video editing tool helps you create quality videos quickly and easily. You can use AI voices or your voiceover to include or exclude text. Another feature of this tool is the ability to convert videos based on their text description. You can paste your blog link and turn it into a YouTube video. Aside from this, it can automatically add captions to the video.


        Whether you are a small business owner or create videos for fun, this is an excellent resource. It has a huge library of images and videos from online repositories like Shutterstock. It also has a variety of sophisticated artificial intelligence editing tools. You can create a quick video with the hundreds of video templates available using graphic elements, layouts, and animations.


          This platform provides a different approach to video production by providing a data analytics program that allows you to monitor how your video performs regarding consumer input. Every video created on this platform has a natural appearance. You can make videos using existing content just by pasting the text or URL link of the video.


            Wise Cut is an automatic online video editing tool. The user-friendly website has many features, such as auto-cut silence, auto-captioning, and translation. Apart from the general graphic and audio tools available, you can automatically pick and tailor the perfect pieces of music for your videos.

            Video content has become the most engaging content creation source for businesses and creators. To survive in this highly competitive age, you must take advantage of the vast video creation and editing tools available. If you have used any of these tools? Please share your thoughts on it in the comment section below.

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            Image from Joseph Pearson

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