2022 World Cup: Qatar Adopts Drone Security

The 2022 FIFA World Cup that will be hosted in Qatar will be a memorable and special one. 

The international football competition is hosted once every four years and was first hosted in 1930 in Uruguay. The competition consists of 32 teams from 32 different nations worldwide. It is known to be the most televised competition in the world. 

As the world is evolving, so is the World Cup, with new technologies and great digital advancements such as the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and other security measures that will be put in place to ensure the smooth transition of the competition. 

History is being made as Qatar is the smallest country and the first Islamic ever to host a World Cup. 

This highly anticipated football tournament will kick off on the 21st of November and run for 28 days. The competition will be held in eight stadiums across five cities, with the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador. 

Qatar 2022 will be secured by man-to-man marking and extensive drone security to help defend venues. Fortem technologies are responsible for drone security at the latest world economic forums. They will provide the intercepted drones following an agreement with Qatar’s ministry of interior. 

The autonomous radi-guided intercepted drones will be used to locate targets and spray nets to resist the targets’ movement before human security gets there. 

Fortem Chief Executive and Co-founder says, “The roar of fans will not affect the jobs of the drones because the machines do their duties about a mile away from the venue. These drones are programmed in a way that they cannot be jammed.” This firm will work for the Qatar ministry of interior on safety and security operations during the World Cup that will take place in November and December 2022.

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Photo by Rhett Lewis

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