Google Maps Vs Waze

Navigation apps are essential for giving direction, especially to or from an unfamiliar location. Google Maps and Waze are both navigation apps. Although they operate independently, they both belong to “Google company.” 

Although both applications are available on all Android and iOS devices and are utilized by millions of users worldwide, various features make users prefer one. 

Difference Between Google Map and Waze. 

  • Waze is a community-based navigation platform. It depends on travel history and daily computers to determine the best route for its user. It also allows users to submit information about accidents, traffic, or road closures. 
  • Google map is more of a data-based navigation platform. It provides a more detailed map view for its user and directions through quicker and shorter routes, making it an easy-to-use tool. 
  • Flexibility: Waze is mainly used for directions when in a Car or driving a car. Google map services pedestrians, cars, bikes, public transportations, etc. 
  • Alert: Google maps notify users of any traffic or mishaps in their direction, while the Waze notification feature seems more effective than Google maps. It gives real-time updates faster. 
  • Data Usage: Google maps can be used offline without any data connection. This is because it allows a user to download their location and then put off their data afterward. It is reliable for international travel, with no international data plan. Waze requires a stable data connection to function. 
  • Navigation: Both applications give navigation to a location, but Google maps are more detailed and give more information about a location, phone numbers and businesses on the map. Waze is not so detailed. 
  • Customization: In terms of customization, Waze is more favorable. It allows users to customize to their taste by picking a celebrity or character voice prompt. Google maps only enables a user to change the language or accent of the voice prompt. 
  • Availability: Google maps and Waze are available on all iOS and Android devices. 
  • Hands-free Control: Google maps and Waze both offer hands-free control features but are more favourable for android users. This is because Google Assistant is already installed and enabled.iOS device users have to go through Siri to send a command to either of the apps (Google Maps or Waze). If you don’t make specifications like; “directions to Morris street with Google maps,” it defaults to Apple Maps. 

However, there is no doubt that Google Maps is more comprehensive and more detailed; it seems to be the most preferred option, especially for bikers, pedestrians, and motorists in which Waze becomes useless. Although Waze has more limitations, it can still offer services that Google maps cannot. 

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