Meta Unveils AI Project To Power The Metaverse

Mark Zukerberg, Meta’s founder, unveiled an Artificial intelligence project that he labeled as the key to unlocking the metaverse. He showed a live demonstration at the company’s inside-the-lab virtual event series. 

Meta plans to build a universal speech translator to improve communication and socialization, language translation, and a virtual environment for working. Although the company’s current AI system already can translate all written languages, which is a step to achieving the goal. 

The ability to explore a nuanced world, share experiences and communicate naturally in various languages with voice assistants was a dream for Zukerberg. He said he plans to incorporate it into the AI system for the Metaverse world. He also guaranteed privacy and transparency in this AI project that would drive Meta’s virtual world. 

There was also a report about women feeling harassed in the Meta virtual world. The introduction of “Personal boundary ” prevents harassment and unwanted interaction amongst avatars in the VR platform. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a significant investment for Facebook, Having Yann LeCun lead the project for ten years now. In October 2021, Facebook as a corporate name was changed to Meta due to some allegations by Frances Haugen, which led to a loss of one-third of its market value. The name change was also done to reflect its ongoing evolution, ambition, and investment in AI. The hope of achieving this is by employing labour of about 10,000 people in Europe that will help in building the system. 

Metaverse plans on creating a generative AI model that enables people to generate a world that soothes their expressions. Presently, Meta is experimenting on egocentric data, which will involve seeing the world from a ‘first-person point of view.’ They are also experimenting with self-supervised learning by training the AI with raw data other than labeled data to predict the interactions that can take place in the metaverse. 

According to a pre-recorded demo by Zukerberg, He demonstrated using Builderbot, which is part of the Project CAIRaoke. He was able to generate a world of his own by creating a beach with trees and clouds and making himself appear as a legless 3D avatar. But still, he did not indicate a timeframe for this, nor did he specify how the Builderbot works. 

Another illustration of the Project CAIRaoke exhibited is a family utilizing it to help make a pot of stew. The voice assistant alerted the family when salt was added to the stew. It could also detect little salt available and then order for more. 

AI is rapidly advancing and is the future for vision, labor, and speech recognition. I guess there would be much anticipation to explore the power of AI in the metaverse. 

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Photo Credit – Facebook

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