How To Secure Your Online Accounts

Just as technology is booming and many transactions are made digitally, securing your online accounts and digital (virtual) wallet is provident. 

Different organizations around the globe have built structures to protect their database from unauthorized access, data pilfering, and much more. 

It is the responsibility of financial institutions, relevant online platform administrators, and a personal responsibility to protect your accounts from unauthorized access. 

Therefore, this blog will reveal how you can secure your social media accounts.

Surprisingly, some people may still use their name and marriage date to form a password; although it may be understandable to do so for quick recall but it is not a safe way of getting a strong password. 

The first step is to create an “unpredictable” password; you can say, a strong password containing upper and lower case alphabets, numeric, and symbols. 

One effective way to do this is by forming mnemonics from the password. For example, “My dad loves two watermelons” could be !MDaLWaM2, pronounced as “Em Dal Wam 2”. Who would ever imagine this could be your password? So, avoid using common names, birth years, and information easily accessible. 

In addition, learn to use different passwords for different apps, accounts, or websites, this is important because accounts sharing the same password could be accessed if one account has already been hacked. 

While this may be difficult to remember all passwords consisting of different mixed characters, you can use a password manager to safely encrypt your passwords.

While they are other helpful tips that would be shared subsequently, building a good strong password that is peculiar only for an account would go a long way to securing your accounts.

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