How To Kick Start Your Tech Career

The Information Technology space has evolved enormously over the years, and opportunities are now shifted in the Tech world more than in any other sector. It is easy to move to the tech industry with these simple steps or tips.

Get Entry Level Tech Certifications

There are free learning courses on the internet today where you can learn and get certified in the Tech industry. The most popular ones are the cloud certificates offered by tech giants such as Amazon Web Services AWS, Google Cloud Computing GCC, and Microsoft Azure Certifications. 

With any of these certifications, you can land yourself into the Tech industry within three months of learning and even get a job. You can progress to higher-tech certifications like Certified Ethical Hackers CEH, Cisco Certified Network Associate, etc.

Go For Tech Boot Camp

Today’s world in Tech is full of opportunities that come once in a lifetime. Most tech giants organize boot camps where you learn many tech skills, say in coding, networking, and software development, as the case may be. Coding boot camps are more popular today, where most tech companies train even kids to help them advance their tech skills.

Areas To Specialize 

You can choose to specialize in any of the tech areas, such as Networking, Application, Software development, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, and Database administration, to mention a few. You can learn a programming language to dive into software development in other to become a software engineer or a programmer. For instance, learning the python language can make you become a software developer, and you can also pursue a career in data analytics. 

Follow Your Passion

Take a career in Tech where you have the most interest. This will drive the energy you need to excel in the field of Tech you want to dive into, so if you are interested in coding and solving coding challenges, you will mostly become a software developer. Moreso, the ideal thing is to follow where your passion lies in the tech industry.

Get A Mentor

Seek to have a tech star or mentor who guides and supports you on your tech journey. This will help you grow as a tech newbie. Your mentor will provide you with answers to your difficult questions or problems in your tech career.

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