Android 14 Version Improvised with In–Built Satellite Support System

In a short while, the iPhone would not be the only smartphone that supports satellite connection.

The latest Apple smartphone, iPhone 14, is enabled to send short messages via a satellite support connection.

Satellite connection networks phones through orbiting satellites instead of conventional telecommunication networking.

This allows users to send messages, check emails, and weather forecasts with the aid of a satellite connection, even when there is no network coverage or terrestrial cell sites.

Google is on the move to create new features on android devices. Recently, Google announced its plan to develop an android app that can play on non – android devices.

Now, Google envisions a satellite connection support for smartphones on its latest version of android 14. It seems that Google would be working with Space X and T – Mobile in actualizing the project to enable US users to access internet signals by Starlink satellites via home–using antennas.

Implausible as it may seem for phones to connect to the satellite. Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google senior tech official who divulged the plan, reiterated the challenge of developing a 3G and WiFi enablement on her first android phone in 2018, which ended successfully.

In the same spirit, the company seeks to achieve this task amidst constraints. Among other things, he further stated that the satellite connection would provide a better experience than the 4G LTE and 5G internet networks in terms of speed and interaction time, providing only 2 – 4 Mbps of bandwidth for cell phones.

Despite the pool of uses the satellite connection offers, he added that the android 14 satellite connection feature would only be used for emergency situations and to waylay the disadvantage of existing dead network spots.

In a comment by Elon Musk, he affirmed that the satellite connection could support one to two thousand simultaneous voice calls or hundreds of thousands of text messages.

The emergence of satellite connections in smartphones may obviate the practices of service providers in the nearest time unless there is a mutual agreement to control the user’s free use of the satellite system.

In anyways, if more autonomy is given to users’ satellite use, what will the reactions from local service providers be like?

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Photo by SpaceX

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