Android 13 May Support Multiple eSIMs

Are you tired of juggling multiple sims and phones? Well, help is on the way!

According to Esper, Google is working on an Android 13 feature called Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP), which will allow users to assign two carrier profiles to a single eSIM and easily switch between networks.

Google is reportedly basing the new feature on a patent filed in 2020, which describes splitting the existing SIM interface into two digital connections. There have been reports that Google is already testing it on an engineering Pixel hardware.

Also, this update might allow manufacturers cut hardware costs and spare space to either expand battery size or enable a slot for expandable storage through a micro SD card.

Although Google has not publicly disclosed a specific release date for Android 13, the Android Developers blog has provided a rough timeline for the release, sometime in July. 

Other Rumoured Features Of Android 13 

New Photo Privacy Feature

According to Google’s Android Developers blog, Android 13 will comprise a photo picker. When an app requires access to your images and videos, like social media and photo editing apps often do, one can select specific media files to share instead of granting access to all of them.

Notifications About Battery-Draining Apps

According to the Android Developers blog, android 13 will send users a notification when an app uses a significant portion of their battery for a day.

Adjustable Flashlight Brightness 

Android analyst Mishaal Rahman says that google will integrate the iPhone feature that allows users to customize their flashlight’s brightness.

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Image Source – Google

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