Discord Announce General Username Change

Discord has announced that it is changing its username-based system.

The current system allows users to select any username they desire, followed by a random 4-digit code. This system enables multiple users to choose the same name without conflicts or confusion.

But the platform has decided that it needs a new username approach.

You might be asking, “Why is Discord doing this?”

Discord did not have a friend system; however, as the platform grew and decided to have a friend system, there had to be a unique way of identifying users. Discord created the hashtag and 4-digit number to differentiate users from the same name. However, as the number of Discord usernames has increased to over 300 million, the platform cannot continue to use old methods because some words already have 9,999 users.

The company also said that over 40% of the current user base needs help remembering their discriminator (the number after the # symbol).

Therefore, these and many more reasons prompted the change.

The company has decided to implement a new approach where every user must select a new and unique username. Under this new system, all users will have a unique alphanumeric username preceded by the @ symbol. This means that the four-digit tag starting with the # symbol, also known as the discriminator, used by the platform will no longer be part of the username. In addition, users can now choose a non-digit display name that can include special characters such as underscore and emojis. Usernames will be limited to 32 characters and must adhere to certain restrictions.

Users can still add their friends with their discriminator even if they have a username. The platform functions perfectly in either case because the discriminator has been introduced as an alias.

This new system aims to make usernames more intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for users to find and collect information from each other.

In the upcoming weeks, Discord will gradually activate the upgrade.

Users will receive a notification when they are eligible to choose their new username. The platform will prioritize old users and official accounts by ensuring they change their usernames before new users.

Discord said it has opted for these new features to connect more users and safeguard their accounts. Is this feature the right move by the chat platform?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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