How To Use Google Passkey

The security of user data is an area of concern for companies, as a breach will cause damage and affect consumer trust. 

Tech giant Google has rolled out the use of passkeys as a means of ensuring these security measures. 

Google Passkey is the new security authentication feature for its users. 

Google has designed its passkeys to work with many devices like iPhones, Android phones, Windows, and Mac computers. 

Why do we need passkeys? 

Passkeys are a more secure and convenient alternative to passwords. Instead of having to remember and manage passwords, users may sign into apps and websites using passkeys. These passkeys use a biometric sensor (facial recognition, fingerprint), PIN, or pattern. Users do not need to remember long passwords. 

Passwords are now easy to infiltrate and gain access to by hackers. Passkeys have strong encryption capabilities that make them resistant to phishing attacks. 

Another reason passkeys are better is that they are specific to each platform; therefore, a hacker cannot steal your passkey from a website to infiltrate another website. 

Here is how to set up your Google passkey (note: Passkeys are updated automatically on Android devices). 

On an iPhone 

1. Login to your Google account. 

2. Go to the menu bar and click on “Security”. 

3. Scroll until you see the “Passkey” button and click on it. 

4. Input your password in the required field and click “continue.” 

5. A pop-up will appear for you to save the passkey option to your iCloud key chain. Accept it and click on the “continue” button to complete the setup. 

On a desktop device 

1. Login to your Google account. 

2. Navigate to the security option. 

3. Click on the “Passkey” button (you can skip these steps by going to 

4. Choose the authentication option you want for the passkey. 

5. Click “done”. 

Google claims end-to-end encryption of all passkeys saved, so users do not need to worry about them having access to your password. The goal is a future without unauthorized access to users’ accounts, and passkeys are quickly becoming the way to achieve that. 

Which do you prefer, passwords or passkeys? 

Share your choice and why you picked it in the comments section below. 

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Image from Mitchell Luo

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