Will AI overthrown Humans? 

2023 is shaping to become the year for artificial intelligence as more companies are beginning to invest in technology, which makes their workers wonder if AI is coming for their jobs.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is computer programs or machines that use learning algorithms to think like humans and can process data quickly to develop solutions.

You can think of AI as the foundation for the latest human evolution. AI is moving fast, and individuals who do not accept it and learn how to work with it will risk losing their jobs in the coming years.

Even though AI takes some jobs, it also creates more jobs in areas such as robotics, software engineering, and data science. Which many individuals can take advantage of if they decide to skill up?

Technological tools were created to increase human abilities and make day-to-day activities easier. The way humans completed tasks centuries ago is no longer in existence; instead, faster, and easier ways have been created with the help of technology to get these tasks done. That is one of the reasons why artificial intelligence was generated to make life easier, and it has been doing that.

There has been a big wave of artificial intervention in the past year in different sectors. In healthcare, you can attend a consultation session with the doctor without going to the hospital.

In the arts and media sector, dozens of AI platforms and tools developed can edit pictures and videos and even create paintings with the click of a button.

Different learning platforms are available in education, with hundreds of courses for students to learn anywhere, anytime. The list goes on.

With these examples and more AI-enabled advancements, we see happening around us, we must accept that the age of artificial intelligence is upon us, and we cannot shy away from it. Artificial intelligence was not programmed to surpass humans but was created as a tool that responds to human queries.

Before AI can even compete with humans, it must be self-aware and be able to feel and act according to emotions or impulses, and these features still need to be found.

For now, AI enables humans to be more creative and idea-driven by allowing them to embrace the generative aspects of human nature so that we can build better solutions to our problems. However, do you think it will rise against humans in the future?

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Image from Cash Macanaya

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