How Tech is Aiding The 2023 Census in Nigeria

As we approach the beginning of another population census in what is known to be the most populous black nation in the world, we can only hope for the best.

The last general population census conducted in Nigeria was in March 2006. After the conclusion of the census, the country’s population was estimated at 140 million people, with over 71 million being male and 59 million females.

Since then, it has been over a decade, and the country cannot continue to depend on previous population figures to make budget and development plans when a lot has changed since the last census. This is why the National Population Commission (NPC) is adopting new technologies for the next census.

The chairman of the NPC, Hon. Nasir Isa Kwarra, stated all data collection methods are digital as computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI) would be used to collect data for the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

To ensure that the 2023 Population and Housing Census is legitimate, dependable, and acceptable, the National Population Commission (NPC) has implemented innovative technologies like Census PAD and CSPro.

The Census PAD is software for collecting census data on Android devices that combines survey, mapping, and GIS functionality. It will retrieve maps in procedures such as feature identification and marking, building numbering, household listing, etc.

CSPro stands for Census and Survey Processing System. It is a software program for entering, modifying, tabulating, and distributing census and survey data. The user interface of CSPro is simple while still robust enough to handle the most demanding applications.

A geo-partial database was also created to pinpoint all buildings and landmarks across the country. These database structures help create geo-coordinates that attach citizens to a particular building or household.

The NPC will assess the degree to which the census’s goals are achieved and whether the procedures are up to standard using monitoring and evaluation (M&E) techniques.

The 2023 general population census, scheduled to begin this month, has been rescheduled until further notice. With all these technologies employed, will this census be done smoothly and delivered accurately?

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