Netflix Plans To Launch Video Gaming Studio

The past year has not been easy for Netflix as they have lost thousands of subscribers to competitors and are being eaten by general market competition in the streaming business.

However, it appears they have found a way to maintain dominance in the market, which is launching their own gaming studio.

The gaming platform allows Netflix supply mobile games to subscribers on both IOS and android devices. The Netflix App added a gaming section that features games from Netflix’s original series, e.g., Stranger Things and other games that Netflix has bought rights to. 

When a user wants to play a game, they click on their desired game in the gaming section, and they are directed to the app store or play store where they can download the game; after downloading, they will be able to play from the Netflix game section or from their home screen ADS free.

Although this gaming section has been available for almost a year, Netflix has received little engagement, as only 1% of its subscriber have interacted with the gaming section. The company said it expected the outcome as the Head of external games, Greg Peters stated, “We are still Intentionally keeping this a little bit quiet because we are still learning and experimenting and trying to figure out what things will actually resonate with our members. what games people want to play”. 

In the spirit of understanding the gaming platform, Netflix has announced that it will be launching its own gaming studio; this move is a great one as Netflix is keen on establishing itself greatly in the gaming world. 

As we already know, since its game section launched, Netflix has acquired other gaming studios, e.g., night school studio, but has decided to take matters into its own hands via this studio launch. 

The vice president of Netflix studios said,” The new studio- the fourth games studio owned by Netflix will be based in Helsinki, Finland, and buster Netflix’s effort to bring engaging original games to their hundreds of millions of subscribers around the world.” 

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Image Source – Netflix

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