Netflix Wants You To Pay For Sharing Passwords

Netflix wants us to stop sharing our passwords with people outside our households. The movie streaming company has started testing a new feature that would charge people who add multiple profiles to an account.

The test will first be initiated in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru in the next few weeks. The company will later evaluate whether to bring it to other countries.

In a statement, Netflix’s director of product innovation, Chengyi Long, said, Netflix has “always made it easy for people who live together to share their Netflix account,” allowing people to create separate profiles on a single subscription. But, “accounts are being shared between households – impacting our ability to invest in great new TV and films for our members.”

The test will create an “add an extra member” feature; Extra members will get a separate login and password. Although they’ll have to pay more, the extra user fee will cost less than having another account (roughly $2 and $3 per month, depending on the country). 

Users will also have the ability to transfer profiles to a new account; when moving over, they’ll keep their viewing history, personalized recommendations, and “me list.”

Netflix prohibits password sharing in its terms and conditions, but it has been flexible with enforcing the policy over the years. Last year, Netflix introduced two-step verification, this was a subtle manner to constrain password sharing. But the new charge to subscribers will be the company’s most severe repression of the practice.

Also, In January, Netflix announced it would increase the price of its most popular subscription plan from $14 to $15.50, which was its second price increase in two years. Shortly after, they forecasted 2.5 million new subscribers joining Netflix in the first quarter of 2022, the lowest number in years. 

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Image Source – Netflix

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