XTURISMO, The World’s First Flying Bike

It looks like we will be flying more in the future as motorbikes have joined the flying technologies.

XTURISMO is a star-shaped hoverbike built by Aerwins technologies, a Japan-based tech company. The company specializes in developing sound air mobility machines that safely convey people with the goal of achieving maximum convenience.

XTURISMO hoverbike is powered by a 228-hp performance internal combustion gas engine and battery (autonomous control via electric control system). It uses two large central rotors and four supporting rotors. The bike has a flying time of 40 minutes, reaching a travelling speed of 100 km per hour.

Speaking on other specifications, Aerwins technologies revealed its parameters stated in the table below.

Body specification Parameter 
Weight 300kg 
Length 3.7m 
Height 1.5m 
Width 2.4m 
Threshold load 100kg 
Speed 80-100km/h 
Cruising range 40km 

Last year September, the bike was tested at the Detroit Auto show in the US by Thad Szott, Co-chair of the event, describing the flying experience as “comfortable” and “exhilarating”. Not just comfort; according to Aerwins, the XTURISMO hoverbike is one technology that combines “the thrill of flight with safety and security.” 

Would XTURISMO Hoverbike Be Fying Soon? 

XTURISMO hoverbike is already flying in Japan but is under strict regulation to fly over race tracks. The flying hoverbike is currently priced at $777,000. However, a smaller model of the bike will be sold at $50,000, but it will be released by 2025. 

Shuher Komatsu, founder and CEO of Aerwins, added that sales of smaller sizes of XTURISMO would first begin this year, 2023. He revealed that the aim of releasing the first flying bike for sale is to generally improve disaster response and emergency search. 

Riders are not left alone in the air as the flying machine is built with 3D control systems, mapping controls, air route designs and sensors to detect obstacles in the air. Riders can inspect and receive notifications via a virtual dashboard on the working condition of the flying bike. 

“Imagine a world where humans have free reign over the skies. Surely, life would be more free! Expand your ideas about transport, experience the world like never before, pioneer the next generation of transport, XTURISMO was created with this in mind”, Aerwins says. 

Amidst this technological shoot, do you think the world is ready to fly motorbikes? 

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Photo by Aerwins

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