New Features On Instagram

Trying to keep up with social media platforms’ constant changes can be so overwhelming, but these tools and features were created to make your journey on these platforms easy and more accessible.

Instagram started with pictures and those 15-minute short videos but has evolved from what it used to be to the social media giant that it is today.

Recently there have been a lot of feature updates that are available for customers to choose from. Here are some new features on Instagram you might not have noticed;

Reels Template

Instagram released a reel template. Users can now drop their videos and photos into a time-stamped template with trending audio, making it easier for users to create and edit reels.

Dual Camera

When you open Instagram to record a video, you can now use both the rear and front cameras simultaneously, making it easier to create content to post on IG.


The nominations option allows users to create a trend and nominate friends to follow. Nominated friends can also nominate other people until it turns into a chain of nominations. It helps users engage with people that they know closely and from afar.

Map Update

It’s no news that Instagram has a map feature that helps us locate things faster. The new map update lets you see the most popular spots around you and view local stories people have posted in your area. You can also use the map to bookmark locations you want to visit, share them with friends, or include locations on a guide that pops up in your profile.


This feature is located in the DM section, and it works almost like the Facebook “What’s on Your Mind?” feature and allows users to write short quotes that expire, which their followers can view and reply to.

Collaborative Collection

Collections is a feature on Instagram that allows users to gather inspiration from posts. With the new feature, you can permit people to add to those collections. It is a way to bring individuals together.

The main issue with all these features is that it looks like Instagram is slowly losing its identity, but we hope it finds it in the coming years. Which of those features are you most excited about and why?

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Photo by Solen Feyissa

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