Get Your Permanent Voters Card

In Nigeria, a Voters card is a means of identification and authentication. It enables Nigerian citizens to partake and exercise specific rights and obligations (Voting). Voting is an essential part of a democratic government that Nigeria practices. It is a formal expression of choice by an individual.

There are two types of voters card; the Temporary Voters Card and the Permanent Voters Card. 

The Temporary Voters Card is given to a citizen immediately after registration to identify that the individual has been registered and is eligible to vote in Nigeria. It will be presented before the Permanent Voters Card is released.

The Permanent Voters Card (PVC) is a passport for Nigerians to exercise their civic right during an election. Only registered voters are allowed to participate in any general election in Nigeria. The PVCs are automated electronically to store and protect the bio-data of every citizen who possesses one.  

Although the voter’s card is solely created for election purposes, it can also be used as a means of identification in place of the National Identification Number (NIN). The Voter Identification Number (VIN) is a unique number assigned to every registered voter. It is used in several institutions like Banks, Embassy, Customs/ Immigration offices, and other respectable organizations. 

Meanwhile, many Nigerians are yet to get registered as voters. You can pre-register as a new vote; already registered voters can reviewupdate and transfer information to another polling unit if need be. 

How do I check my PVC status? 

The validity of your PVC can be confirmed using either your date of birth or Voter Identification Number (VIN).  

To check validity using your date of birth, you must provide your LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, and DATE OF BIRTH. Afterward, you can check your status. 

To check validity using your Voter Identification Number (VIN), you provide only your LAST NAME and VIN. Then you can check the status. 

Why should I get a Voters Card? 

  • It enables eligible citizens to perform their civic duties during an election.  
  • It is a reliable means of identification and can be used for official purposes. This is because of the unique number assigned to each registered voter (Voter Identification Number – VIN). 
  • It enables a free and fair election. Multiple voting can be prevented by marking a voter after they have balloted. 
  •  It is proof of an improved standard of living and technological advancement in the country. 
  • It serves as a voice to a voiceless citizen. 

However, Nigeria is one year away from the Presidential election. Every eligible citizen needs to get a voter’s card to participate in the election. It is a civic responsibility, and it is the Law! 

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Photo Credit – INEC

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