High-Tech Smart Helmets

The benefits of using a helmet cannot be undermined as it forms an integral part of safety wears to protect motorbike riders against head injury when an accident occurs. 

In recent times, helmets have evolved from conventional crude designs to highly sophisticated designs that protect the rider and provide some forms of security.

High Tech Smart Helmets occupy the technological space of digital helmets. Aside from its sole conventional purpose of safety, it also creates a computer–user interaction and serves as a roadmap to the rider’s destination. 

Also, High Tech Smart Helmets grant riders the convenience to make calls and play music without interfering with the rider’s focus. Some of these High Tech Smart Helmets are designed with a camera that captures footage allowing the rider to make a visual record while riding. 

The Bluetooth communication system of a High Tech Smart Helmet enables the rider to communicate with at most eight riders through an intercom; riders on a trip can communicate as they journey distance apart as long as riders are within Bluetooth communication reach. 

This protective equipment also features a built-in FM radio.

Sena Momentum Inc Pro is one of such helmet that is designed with a unique feature to reduce wind noise encountered while on high speed during travel. 

Another helmet with a different feature is the QuinGhost Umbra helmet. QuinGhost Umbra helmet broadcasts the rider’s location to emergency contacts as a necessary safety and protection action. 

Other kinds of these digitalized helmets are Forcite Mkis Smart helmetsBoom! Helmet, Jarvish X.

These High Tech Smart Helmets serve as personal protective equipment and help riders navigate routes.

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