Apple Watch Vs. Samsung Watch

Apple and Samsung are two of the greatest innovators of smartwatches. 

These two technology companies have been at the forefront of developing ground-breaking electronic devices ranging from phones to laptops and even smartwatches. 

However, while they create the same types of devices, their approaches to these technologies are entirely different. And we will be talking about how Apple and Samsung watches are similar yet different.

Before diving into what makes each smartwatch unique, let’s talk about similarities first.

Both watches have the “Find My Phone” feature. You can use both of them to execute a payment transaction. They both possess health and fitness apps that help track your health status. They have galleries, alarms, app stores, messages, and music players linked to your phone. Both smartwatches are dust and water-resistant.

On the Apple Watch, when you clench your fist twice, you will activate a setting known as “assistive touch” that enables you to navigate the entire watch using clenching and pinching touch options. 

The Apple Watch can unlock your MacBook and iPhone, which is a great connectivity option. A walkie-talkie app is available for Apple Watch users to communicate with their friends who own an Apple Watch all over the country.

The Samsung Watch also has fantastic features, such as picking up an incoming call with the up and down gesture when you only need to rotate your arm to decline a call. 

The Samsung watch offers more media options, as videos on your phone are accessed on the smartwatch. The Galaxy watch has numerous customizable watch faces that give the watch a new look every time.

Finally, both watches have an amazing strap collection that can make your watch look unique with every new strap. You can even have straps that match your outfit.

With all these physical and technological possibilities available with both the Apple and Samsung watches, which of them do you prefer? 

Let us know what the smartwatch is for you and why you picked it in the comments below.

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Image Source – Samsung, Apple

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