Nike Opens Lebron James Innovation Center

LeBron Raymone James, an American basketball player who has represented Nike for 20 years, received an eponymic honour. Nike’s innovation tech sporting center is named after him – ‘LeBron James Innovation Center.’

The superstar basketball player had previously signed a lifetime contract with Nike Company and has immensely contributed to the achievements of the multinational corporation. 

The LeBron James Innovation Center may suggest that the innovative use of technology is not limited to the hackneyed use we may be familiar with, indeed, that is the beauty of the creative use of digital systems in areas least expected, improving every segment of human activities and explorations through the mechanism of highly functional technological tools and devices. 

Not too long, the Sports Research Lab at Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, attracted lots of admirers and fans. The sophisticated use of technology clearly prints the mind-blowing significance of the lab. 

The sports research lab is said to be “One of the biggest motion–capture systems in the world with nearly 400 motion–capture cameras”. 

Nike, the American sportswear company, would be able to garner information on athletes’ full speed, acceleration, stamina, force, overall performance, and other essential factors. 

The sports innovation center is designed on an 84,000 square feet land mass with 906 rooftop solar panels, a full-size basketball court, turf pitch, 200m endurance track, 100m straightaway track, 500ft incline training ramp and the aforementioned size as the largest motion – capture system in the world. 

The immense use of this training center would almost certainly produce the best of players since various sporting parameters are measured digitally, providing a near–accurate value for performance tracking and improvement, translating to enhanced performance on the pitch. 

Janett Nichol, VP of Apparel Innovation, said that the lab has more than 80 prototyping machines that create the opportunity to solve an athlete’s problem. According to Nike, the athletic spirit can be palpable since athletes are observed using high-tech body mapping equipment, 97 force plates, and a four–advanced climate chamber that mimics different weather conditions. 

The center would not only serve sports research areas but also entertain the exploration from biomechanics researchers, computational designers, and robotics experts because of its quality technological structure. 

Here, we can go to anything from biology or chemistry to pushing the limits of a machine to create a very different experience with the material,” says Janett. 

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Image Source – Nike

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