Top 5 Sites To Learn Programming For Free

Learning programming as a beginner can be intimidating. You will most likely feel like you will never understand coding concepts, which might actually take a lot of time and commitment, but it is very possible to learn.

These are the best sites to use when learning how to code for free. 

Odin Project 

The Odin project is an open-source site focused on web development. The project curriculum is filled with real-world problems that help students learn faster from simple lines of code till they can learn to build a fully functional website. They also help build your portfolio as you progress in the program. 


This program is excellent for beginners because it provides simple learning features in a variety of programming languages and, as you progress, interactive exercises that you can perform and access throughout your journey. 


This site was founded to help beginners learn how to code through a well-organized and user-friendly learning scheme. They offer self-paced tutorials for more than a dozen programming languages and disciplines. They have a platform known as the “code playground” where programmers can collaborate and share ideas and codes, and if they are ever stuck, they can get answers from the Sololearn community. 

Free Code Camp 

This non-profit platform helps students learn how to code in a 3-way interactive setup: instructions on the left, student input in the middle, and the output on the right. Also included in the curriculum are interactive exercises that help students know their performance as they learn. 


It is a learning platform that offers everyone free membership, giving them access to about 52 different programming language disciplines. Another great feature of this site is that students are guaranteed a user-friendly environment as they get feedback from mentors after completing a project, which is mostly open source. 

All of the above-listed websites are great learning platforms, with some having a mobile version, e.g., Sololearn can be accessed from any part of the world. 

If you are a programmer or in the process of becoming one and have taken courses from any of these sites, which of them do you prefer and why? 

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