Tesla Unveils Robot Project Prototype

During the 2022 edition of Tesla AI Day, which took place last Friday, Elon Musk revealed the latest progress on the Optimus Robot project. 

The robot was displayed on stage without any backup support or mechanical drive, and videos of the robot carrying out simple tasks like watering a plant or lifting metal bars were also shown.  

The company that is best known for electric cars will soon have another new product to show off as they are making significant progress in developing this artificial wonder. 

The Optimus program is in line with Tesla’s goal of making a functional humanoid robot as quickly as possible. The Tesla CEO stated in his presentation, “Optimus is designed to be an extremely capable robot and is expected to cost way less than a car at a price of 20,000 dollars or even less.” 

The same technology used for autopilot in Tesla cars was also incorporated, using semi-actuators. The robot that was displayed is just a hint of what the Optimus robot will entail once Tesla goes into full production. 

The Optimus robot has many amazing features, such as a 2.3kWh battery pack containing all electronic batteries perfect for a full day of work. The bot’s brain comprises 1x Tesla SDC, WiFi LTE, with audio, security, and safety components. With these brain comments, it will perform everything a supercomputer can do in a human form. Examples are processing visual data and making split-second decisions based on multiple senses and experiences. 

The robot’s joints are made up of at least 28 actuators that control the machine’s movement and help it perform high-speed tasks such as running, going up stairs, etc., and low-speed tasks such as waving, etc. 

When it is fully developed, there are many things to expect from the Optimus Robot. 

So far, so good. What are your thoughts on this robot’s efficiency? 

Do you think it will stand out from other already-developed humanoid robots? 

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Image Source – Tesla

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