Best Ways to Stop the iPhone From Overheating

Mobile phones are becoming more powerful and can handle different tasks and processes, but this comes with a catch, one of which is the temperature rise. iPhones usually overheat when exposed to certain conditions, affecting the phone’s performance, and sometimes causing it to shut down and cool off. 

Here are the best ways you can prevent your iPhone from overheating: 

1.               Keep your phone in a warm environment. 

Avoid leaving your phone in the heat or directly under the sun. It affects performance and causes massive overheating. It is advisable to keep your phone in a cooler environment. 

2.               Close Background Tabs 

When you are not using a heavy-duty application, such as games or video players, close the entire tab to avoid it from running in the background and increasing the temperature of your phone. To close background apps automatically 

· Go to Settings. 

· Tab “General.” 

· Find “Background App Refresh,” click on it and turn it off.  

3.               Charger and Adapter 

Substandard charging cables and adapters can affect the phone while charging, increasing the temperature. To avoid that, make sure the cable and adapter you use to charge your phone are either original Apple or PF-certified products. 

4.               Reduce phone brightness 

If the brightness of your iPhone is too high, it tends to affect the general temperature of the phone. So, you can either reduce the brightness manually or turn off the automatic brightness. To turn off auto brightness 

· Go to settings. 

· Scroll down and click on “Accessibility.” 

· Tap on display and text size. 

· Disable the auto-brightness feature. 

5.               Update Cautiously 

When a new IOS update is released, many people are usually very excited to update their software to another level. It is better to wait for a stable version and reviews of this version before upgrading. 

6.               Stop using your phone while it’s heating up. 

If you are in the middle of an activity and you notice that your phone is overheating, stop what you are doing, take off the phone cases if there are any, and wait for the phone’s temperature to normalize before you continue such activity. 

7.              Use Power Saving Mode 

The longer your screen is in use, the more battery power you lose, and the more heat is generated. By turning on Low Power Mode, you can shorten the duration that your screen is awake. You can do that by 

· Open Settings  

· “Click on Battery.” 

· Switch on “Low Power Mode.” 

8.             Use airplane mode. 

When performing activities that do not need the internet, it is safe to use airplane mode. Your iPhone’s overheating problem may be because it’s constantly connected to the internet. If so, enabling airplane mode can assist you in getting around it. 

Which of these procedures is your favorite for preventing your phone from overheating? If you have any methods, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. 

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Image by Bagus Hernawan

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