Youtube Shorts Vs. Tiktok

Amidst facing several bans, restrictions and lawsuits in the US, Tiktok is up for some serious competition.

Starting from February 1st, Nigerian content creators can earn more from YouTube as the tech giant has announced a new revenue-sharing model on Shorts.

Well, not just Nigerian content creators, but content creators worldwide.

This new model is set to supersede the YouTube Shorts Fund, announced in May 2021 and compensate content creators based on their share of pooled revenue from adverts shown in-between videos in the Shorts Feed.

For context, If a creator gets 5% eligible views out of all shared shorts by monetizing creators, they will earn 5% of the revenue in the creator pool. Creators will retain 45% of their allocated Shorts revenue. For example, if a creator is allocated $1,000 from the creator pool, they will be paid $450.

Also, suppose a creator uploads a Short without music; all of the revenue associated with its views goes toward the creator pool. If a creator uploads a Short with music, based on its views, the payment will be split between the Creator Pool and music partners.

Youtube’s Terms and Conditions

  • Creators can only apply to the program if they meet the new Shorts-specific threshold of 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views over 90 days.
  • Monetizing partners must accept all three monetization modules ___ Watch Page Monetization Module”, “Shorts Monetization Module”, and “Commerce Product Addendum.” 
  • Shorts views accumulated before accepting the Shorts Monetization Module are not eligible for Shorts ad revenue sharing.
  • Shorts ad revenue sharing will only apply to a channel’s eligible Shorts views, starting on the date of accepting the Monetization Module.
  • All content monetizing with ads must follow Youtube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines.
  • Non-original Shorts, such as unedited clips from movies or TV shows, and other creators’ content from YouTube or other platforms, are considered ineligible and will not be counted.

With these exciting new changes, creators can now make more money via YouTube Shorts than on TikTok. Do you see Youtube winning the competition between the social media giants (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, WhatsApp) by becoming the most downloaded App in this new year?

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Photo by Youtube

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