Ford Uses AI To Connect Vehicles

Automobile giant Ford has created a new vehicle-hitching feature that uses artificial intelligence and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) technology. 

The new feature is known as “Pro Trailer Hitch Assist.” It uses cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms to make vehicle hitching faster and safer. 

Pro Trailer Hitch Assist uses radar and the rearview camera to match the hitch with the trailer and can regulate steering, acceleration, and braking to bring a pickup truck to a precise stop. It uses ultrasonic parking sensors for any obstructions. 

The system determines the best course as the vehicle backs up to the trailer. Once the driver has confirmed that the coupler is higher than the hitch ball, the truck’s control algorithms will begin to operate. The system will guide and align the truck so that the hitch ball can be positioned directly under the trailer’s coupler. If an obstruction is detected during the maneuver, the system’s ultrasonic reverse parking help system warns the driver. 

Ford developed the technology using focused artificial intelligence to go through thousands of trailer frames of various sizes, shapes, and lighting situations.

Although the operation is hands-free, drivers must keep an eye on everything, utilizing a video feed on the touchscreen part of the vehicle that provides a close-up view of the hitch. 

The feature is available on the F-150, F-150 Lightning, and F-Series Super Duty vehicles and is triggered by pressing a button. 

Over the years, Ford has adopted various technologies that increase vehicle performance and driver satisfaction. Creating and launching its all-electric line of trucks, the Ford F-150 Lightning, in 2022. With this AI-enabled hitching system, its services keep improving; what features do you think the company will adopt soon? How will this car perform in Nigeria and Africa?

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Image by Ford

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