Cars: Human-Driven Vs Self-Driving

A car is intended to help take people and goods from one place to another. Over the past century, the vehicle industry has experienced massive growth and upgrades, and the latest technology being autonomous vehicles.

Human-driven cars, as the name implies, are cars that humans entirely control. In contrast, self-driving cars use autonomous and other self-driving technologies to take full or partial control of the car when driving.

According to policy advisor reports, self-driving cars are safer than human-driven cars, and the reason for this is how the vehicles work. Autonomous vehicles are safer in preventing several accidents and traffic congestion caused by human errors, such as accidents that occur when the driver is intoxicated or distracted. This kind of error can never happen with self-driving technology. 

Although self-driving cars produce fewer accidents, it is also good to note that the few that occur will be worse than the average fender-bender involving human-driven vehicles.

The leading company in the autonomous vehicle industry is Tesla. The company has produced electric cars with self-driving technology that is currently in use. Although the mind-blowing autopilot technology has helped drivers, Tesla has always been explicit that the autopilot is only a partially self-driving technology and has asked users not to entrust the vehicle fully as there can be blind spots.

Another difference is these self-driving cars tend to be more expensive due to the technologies and devices used to develop them. 

In time, innovations will improve the safety of self-driving cars by incorporating more natural language features to help computers solve problems like humans. 

The future is uncertain, but whether we like it or not, self-driving technology is bound to transform the transportation industry somehow. How soon do you think we will see self-driving cars in Nigeria? What do you prefer, human-driven or self-driving?

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