WhatsApp Announces Latest Privacy Features

The Meta–owned social media platform WhatsApp recently announced several privacy features which are intended to give users more control and preserve their privacy.

These new features will allow users to quietly exit groups, disallow screenshots of View Once messages, and control online presence.

You must have found yourself at one time or another in an unwanted group; while you have the full right to ‘exit group,’ you may not because of the attention it creates, especially if exiting the group would prompt unnecessary or undesired questions.

This restraint would soon be history as the WhatsApp Meta group is improving on the features to allow users to sneak out of groups without alerting other members except for the group admin(s).

Ami Vora, The Head of Product at WhatsApp, stated that the focus is to create features that guarantee users more control and privacy and its a sheer display of commitment to keep message content private and encrypted.

To achieve this, WhatsApp made plans to block users from taking screenshots of messages set to view once.

Also, the feature allows users to neither star nor forward View Once messages. The blocking of View Once messages is a reactive measure to stop users from taking screenshots of View Once messages since access to those messages are denied; hence it is a step to enforce the View Once message policy.

Moreover, WhatsApp is adding to the “Last seen” feature displayed beneath a contact name in the chat space.

So far, the privacy setting only lets users choose a preferred category of viewers (everyone, contacts only, or nobody). Now, a similar feature allows users to hide their online status from selected contacts; this is known as “Online presence control.”

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