Smart Robot Identifies and Sorts Plastic Waste

The era of technology birthing forth innovative machines that work almost like humans is here!

Artificial Intelligence has found vast applications in everyday living, while it may be argued that the intelligent functionality of machines may largely replace the human mind in work, the pros that tech machines offer are much higher than the cons. 

One such robot that works almost like a human is the robot with a ‘brain’ that sorts plastic waste near Cheltenham. Even as innovative tech inventions are employed in many respects, the waste management system is improving with this recent technology.  

Grundon Waste Management is a company that uses Artificial Intelligence to sort plastic waste in Bishop Cleeve, England. The company uses a robotic arm designed to pick out plastic waste at the same rate as humans. The Zen Robotics machine learns to differentiate and categorize waste. 

The ‘Last Picker’ robotic arm was developed by Helsinki-based robotic waste separation technology. The robotic arm works by first scanning waste before deciding which to pick. The machine has a high in-belt memory that retains information through training. Over time, the brain identifies more categories of waste by storing such information in its AI memory as more waste is picked. 

The environmental agency intends that the smart robot will be trained to differentiate steel, aluminum cans, paper, and cardboard after completing the plastic test. This helps to create a more sanitary environment as approximately 44 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste was estimated in 2018, and 34 million tonnes was also estimated in England in 2020.

The company stated that both optical and robotic sorters would be used in waste management as human joins in executing the job.This is appreciable progress in waste management because more robots would be designed and learn to pick other waste types and even execute dirty jobs that may not be too healthy for human workers. 

As the western world embraces this new innovation, when is it likely to be part of Africa’s waste management method? Can we expect this technology two years from now? 

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Image Source – AlexLMX

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