New 3D View Feature for Sneakers on eBay

eBay Inc, announced on Tuesday 7th December. Its new 3D true view technology is in partnership with Unity. This technology allows sellers to showcase their items with a proprietary, interactive, 360-degree view which is essential when buying unique, pre-owned, or high-value goods.

Sellers will have to scan sneakers with a mobile device using a proprietary app, taking videos from numerous angles, Thus highlighting the quality and to provide buyers with an accurate representation of any details or defects of the item. This data is uploaded and then processed “using AI methodology” to generate “a photorealistic” 3D image of the item.

Buyers or viewers will be required to download the eBay app from either the App Store or Google Play store to use the feature and view items from any angle.

eBay Inc. is a worldwide e-commerce corporation that connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world, facilitates business to consumer sales and consumer to consumer sales through its website, while Unity is a platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content

eBay is amongst the first in the e-commerce world to provide this “level of visualization detail and ease-of-use to consumers.” StockX, an online marketplace, has also been offering 360 Degrees viewing for sneakers since 2016.

This month, eBay says that only select sneaker sellers will get the chance to try out the feature. They, however, plan to extend that list in 2022 to accommodate more sellers. 

For sellers interested in this feature, here’s a Waitlist to sign up.

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Photo Credit-  eBay

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