Chinese Flying Car (XPeng) in Dubai

XPeng Motors, a Chinese electric car manufacturing company, designs the first flying car. 

The tech company was founded in 2014 by He Xiaopeng, Henry Xia, and He Tao, enlarging the space of innovative technological intelligent vehicles that can connect to the internet and seamlessly utilize most of the artificial intelligence features. 

The first flying car, XPeng, was captured in a 90 – minutes test flight in Dubai. XPeng, also known as eVTOL (electric Vertical Take Off and Landing Vehicle), X2 is the latest fifth–generation flying car subjected to quality engineering design traveling at a peak speed of 130 kilometers per hour, with a teardrop-shaped enclosed cockpit to gain maximum in-flight performance and aerodynamics.

Its carbon fiber material accounts for the car’s lightweight allowing a maximum takeoff weight of 560kg with a net weight of 360kg, amounting to dead weight of 200kg.

The flying car has zero effect on the earth’s atmospheric pollution since it is battery-powered, ascending an altitude of 300 – 500m, with a 35 minutes flight time. The vehicle is suitable for intra-city transit, tourism, and medical emergencies with an airframe parachute for safety.  

For now, no price has been fixed, but the tech machine is predicted to cost over $126,000. The design aims to provide for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) using the available technology and data to create an intelligent machine that can guarantee customer mobility. 

The company’s acting president, Hassan AI Hashani, displayed a high spirit in his speech, stating that ‘the first global public flight of the X2 flying car will change the game of future mobility.’ 

The flying vehicle is not available for general commercial use yet, but the company assured that commercialization of XPeng will depend on how fast the flying car is tested to be suitable for commercialized urban flying. 

The XPeng flying car is the impossibility of yesterday’s reality, and more of this vehicle model is to come as the company announced that its six-generation flying car will arrive in 2024, which will be able to drive on the road as well. 

What, then, do you consider to be the impossibility of technological innovations? 

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Image Source – XPeng

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