The Metaverse is the future of the internet. It is a digital space where digital representations of people and things will interact in a more immersive way.

It can be thought of as an internet that we are inside of, rather than one we are merely looking at.

The Metaverse is the advancement of connectivity, where people’s real-life situations are duplicated digitally and people interrelate from a distance but as though they were together.

The Metaverse will need some related technologies to be fully achieved, some of which are listed below:

Virtual Reality uses computer technology to create and stimulate lifelike environments with the use of VR headsets(Oculus quest, HTC cosmos).
Allowing us to experience realistic situations in 360 degrees. Virtual reality cases will occur in gaming, social networking, education, employee onboarding, job training, concerts, shopping, and more. VR is connected to the metaverse, there are already platforms that let us connect with other VR users such as the Facebook horizon and Facebook workroom.

Facebook horizon lets us explore and create virtual worlds where we can connect with people across the world. Facebook workroom also lets people come together and work in the same virtual room irrespective of physical distance

Artificial Intelligence is the stimulation of human intelligence practices by machines and computers, e.g. speech recognition, self-driving cars, smart assistants, manufacturing robots, etc.
AI can aid in streamlining the creation of metaverse assets such as characters, buildings, and more, It can also automate software development processes that allow building more complex assets within the metaverse with lesser effort.

Augmented Reality is an enhanced form of real-life environment, that is achieved through the use of digital visual, auditory, haptic elements and delivered via technology.

AR lenses and glasses would eventually be used to augment the world around us and facilitate virtual assistance with the help of hi-tech artificial intelligence. Thus helping us navigate both worlds, Virtual and Real.

Mind Machine Interfaces is a computer-based system that gathers and measures brain activity, analyzes them, extracts these features, and transmits them into commands that are sent to an output device to carry out a preferred action.

MMI will allow us to control our avatars, several objects, and digital transaction with our brain signals. This technology is anticipated to gain an initial foothold in the video game and workforce productivity markets and later dominate the tech world.

Internet, The metaverse will require a tremendously high internet speed, high bandwidth, and low latency particularly when a user enters a vast virtual world with highly detailed textures. 5G allows high frequencies, this opens up possibilities for VR and AR experiences.

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