Mastercard Opens Applications For The Start Path Business Program For African Businesses

MasterCard has always been interested in the growth and development of startups and ideas, so in 2014 the company decided to launch its Start Path program. 

You might be wondering what the Mastercard Start Path Program is. 

The MasterCard Start Path Program is a global startup network established by Mastercard to foster connections between approved startups and corporate members, accelerate innovation within these companies with the help of advanced security, an enhanced user experience, engaging engagement strategies, and novel payment options. 

The program has announced that it will open its doors to startups and SMEs across Africa. Startups that develop cutting-edge accounting software, e-commerce solutions, lending platforms, payment technology, digital banking, and other services for SMEs are currently submitting applications to the program in the hopes of being accepted. 

Selected companies will be able to use Mastercard’s network and SME expertise throughout the four-month program to find product partnerships, scale their operations, and power solutions that offer safe, secure, and straightforward experiences. 

Entrepreneurs that enrol in the program can profit from access to a vast network of Mastercard consumers and partners, the potential to innovate on top of Mastercard solutions, and the knowledge of a global network of Mastercard experts. Customers of Mastercard who enrol in the program as partners have access to innovations from around the world and gain connections to the best and brightest companies. 

Before a company is accepted into the program, they need to meet some criteria, such as: 

  • Existing funding: Investment raised with a runway of at least 6 to 12 months (seed, Series A, or later). 
  • Target audience and innovative solutions: Product distinction and established commercial traction MasterCard will assist you in finding new customers if you don’t already have any. 
  • Experienced and passionate team: Founders with appropriate experience who are varied and experienced who share your obsession with creating the future. 

The application window is open now and will close on April 30. If you want to network with the owners of tech startups and get the best mentorship and training for your business, do well to apply for the Master Start Path Program. 

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Photo By MasterCard

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