Elon Musk Brain Chip

Having machines and robots imitating human behaviour is soon getting trite as the world witnessed yet another innovation of tech unfolding. Brain chip is masterminded by Neuralink, one of Elon Musk’s companies; It is a developing Brain to Computer Interface (BCI) that interprets neural signs so as to connect the human brain to computers. 

Elon Musk has made a high number of expectations from the developing technology. The technology, if successful, would improve the health and life of people with certain health challenges. According to him, the device would be planted in the brain region to function, thus connecting the human mind/brain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The highly therapeutic expectations this technology is expected to deliver is quite interesting! The brain chip could enable superhuman cognition, which will use AI-powered chips to enhance the human intellect, especially the intelligence of certain people with mental disorders like schizophrenia and autism. 

Aside from that, the brain chip is expected to solve various health challenges ranging from paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Alzheimer’s. This technology is also expected to help people with brain or spinal injuries and assist in verbal communication and movement. 

While there is doubt about the efficacy of brain chips in managing and treating some health complications, the implantable device is thought to allow humans to communicate with their smartphones by just thinking since the computer chip fixed in the brain is wirelessly connected to smartphones.  

The brain chip is about the size of a coin, and clinical trials have already begun with monkeys and pigs. During experiments with pigs, the brain chip was used to predict the walking position of pigs’ legs as they walked. Hence, this technology is also proposed to read thoughts since it merges Artificial Intelligence with brain function. 

The computer chip planted in the skull is designed to work via a protruding thin thread of wires that connects with the brain. The active thread of wires has 1024 electrodes to monitor brain activity and electrically stimulate the brain. Elon Musk’s neural tech company, Neuralink, plans to start the human trial by 2023 as he intends to “achieve a kind of symbiosis with Artificial Intelligence.”

Also, the brain chip is prognosticated to restore vision in born-blinds, mobility in humans, and better mental control for paralyzed arms. Amidst this fascinating technology, it makes sense to first figure out how long the electrode would stay in the brain. Do you presage any possible risk in the use of this technology? 

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