Facebook scholarship to 100,000 Black students and businesses

Facebook (Meta) wants to help the Black community and businesses by awarding 100,000 scholarships to build the digital skills. According to Meta’s website, “these scholarships will allow recipients to take the Meta Digital Marketing Associate Exam at no cost.” They want to provide free training and resources to business owners interested in digital marketing through it’s Meta blueprint program. Only individuals that identify as black and live in the United States are eligible to receive this scholarship.

Meta promises to give access to over sixty (60) companies looking for skilled talent that earn a Meta Certification. Certified individuals will have employment opportunities from companies like BBDO, GroupM, Havas Media, Meta and more.


You need to be physical located in the US but do not need to be a citizen. No documentation is required but you must identify as Black.

This scholarship is part of Meta’s commitment to empower Black creators. Meta pledge to invest $200 million in Black-owned businesses and $25 million of it to Black creators. We the Culture was launched last year by a team of Black Facebook employees to help content creators build successful digital communities.

An online application through the Facebook Elevate program has also being launched. This program will help people gain access to career certifications. Once you complete the short application, an approval follows immediately. you will receive a 90-day voucher to cover the cost of the Digital Marketing Associate.

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