New Energy Solutions For The Coming Years

The backbone of many infrastructures is the energy sector; it is necessary for the advancement of many discoveries and innovations, but as much as it is of great importance, it also poses a severe danger to the environment and, directly or indirectly, to you and me. 

Since we understand that energy is needed but can be dangerous, the best option is to produce clean and renewable energy solutions that do not pose any danger to the earth and its inhabitants. 

20% of the general energy production is made up of clean energy and is predicted to increase to over 40% in the next couple of years. For that to be achieved, here are some of the energy solutions to be expected in the coming years. 

Solar 3.0 

The sun is a good source of energy. Solar 3.0 is powered by a new thin film technology that uses a semiconductor material that absorbs light and transports charge at a very high speed through solar cells; this film is known as perovskites. This perovskite uses around 10 to 1000 times less material than the normal silicon cells that are used to create solar panels, and despite its size, it is predicted to produce 100 times more energy than the average solar panel. 

Eco-friendly Products 

Most of the physical products currently produced are manufactured from non-degradable materials, and their disposal poses a problem.

Manufacturers are now shifting to making not just eco-friendly products but also eco-friendly packaging materials that do not cause any danger to the environment during production, usage, or disposal. 

Green Buildings  

These buildings incorporate nature into their construction so that when individuals live in them, most of their energy and water supply are from green plants around them. This innovation is good for the environment and helps consumers In it live clean and healthier lives. 

With all these new energy solutions being developed and more to be discovered, it gives us hope that we will soon leave behind our dependence on fossil fuels and begin to cohabit on a cleaner and greener planet earth. 

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