Latest Android Update No Longer Supports 1GB RAM Phones

Google has upgraded the internal processing speed compatibility requirement of Android phones to a minimum of 2GB RAM.

This depicts that Android devices running on 1GB RAM will soon become obsolete, as Google stated the reason for the compatibility change.

According to Google, the new Android 13 version cannot function on 1GB RAM because of the Android Go apps functionality storage-sap.

Although, this may make no difference for some users because most new Android phones come with a minimum of 2GB RAM.

Thus enabling the smart device to run the Android apps on the Go tools, so updates can easily be done.

However, this is unlikely for Android phones with 1GB RAM because phone updates would not be able to run the Android 13 leading to a cutoff from the smart experience that Android 13 offers.

Google concomitantly added that minimum internal storage of 16GB is needed to support the optimal functioning of the new Android versions.

Since most Android phones with 2GB RAM usually have 16GB internal storage, it will be a double checkout for 1GB RAM, 8GB, or any Android phone that does not squarely meet both requirements.

One may be wary about Google’s action because there are Android phones with internal storage as high as 18GB, with an internal processing memory threshold of 4GB Android version functionality.

Prognosticating, Google wanting to pull 1GB out of the Android community; keeping 2GB as the minimum internal processing speed for the Android 13 version is not impossible.

Google’s improvising features in the tech world are laudable, but it is possible that as Android 14 or 15 comes, the 2GB RAM may be cleared off the Android community of the latest compatible devices.

While this is good news to explore new features on Android phones, what happens to the old fixated version of smart Android phones?

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Photo by Solen Feyissa

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