On Friday, 17 December, YouTube announced on it’s official blog that Disney channels (National Geographic, ESPN, Freeform, ABC) would no longer be available on the YouTube TV platform. This resulted from both parties not reaching a fair deal before the existing deal expired. 

YouTube also established that while the content of the channel will remain on their platform, there will be a decrease in the monthly payment plan by $15, which means from $64.99 to $49.99. 

In a statement issued by Disney to Variety, it was revealed that YouTube TV had declined a fair deal offered by Disney and added that “Disney is ready to reach an equitable agreement to satisfy the YouTube TV subscribers. 

However, barely three days after an expired partnership deal because both parties failed to reach a new agreement, YouTube and Disney finally reached an equitable agreement. Disney confirmed it in a statement appreciating Google’s collaboration to get a fair deal and apologizing to subscribers for any inconvenience the disruption might have caused. 

On the other hand, YouTube said that active subscribers who have not yet received that $15 discount on their monthly bill would automatically receive a one-time credit on their next bill with no action needed. As for subscribers who have already canceled their membership or initiated the process, we would be glad to welcome you back.” 

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