Tech In School

Digital transformation has affected many areas of life, especially education. Over the years, the conventional school system has experienced a significant shift in its implementation, seeing that technology is becoming a major part of it.

Since the pandemic, schools and colleges have been combining their traditional teaching methods with new technological education trends. Tech-enabled learning methods are slowly taking over the conventional paper and board form of learning. There is even a more interactive self-learning approach for students that want to go down that path.

Learning outside the classroom is now easier with mobile-based devices. With this available technology, students can learn at their own pace. Many mobile responsive platforms have been created to help students learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere.

An Internet connection is also not an issue because there are available ebooks that are embedded with many offline features that give a smooth learning experience.

Online learning has so many features attached to it too. For instance, collaborative learning, where students come together through different networking platforms to learn and work together, is something many educational systems have included in mobile learning as it is of great benefit to the students and the teachers.

Gamification is another way in which technology has been implemented into the educational system. Here, games are created based on the school’s syllabus with rewards and badges to help increase student feedback and involvement. It also serves as a form of relaxation for students, helping them understand easily.

Virtual and augmented reality has also been part of this shift. Instead of just reading about principles and having a vague knowledge of them, students can now view concepts and principles in real-time with the aid of virtual and augmented reality

Finally, students can now graduate without ever stepping foot in a classroom. There are thousands of online courses that are available for all age groups with platforms like Udemy, Cousera, and U-lesson that have been developed to help students go through their courses with a responsive system that helps students study effectively and get graded and certified after the learning period.

Not to forget, whatever has a pro also comes with its cons. Some of these cons are that technology has become a great distraction for students.

It also simplifies examination malpractice and, according to many, should be refrained from in any learning institution.

What do you think about this? Is tech good or bad for school?

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